We carry it in our blood

Año 19081908

In 1908 news arrives in Alsace-Lorraine, France that a new textile industry is about to emerge in Mexico.

With no guarantee of his future or fate Albert Lichtle Obriger decides to leave his life and family and embarks for Mexico. He will became the Patriarch of a four-generation textile brand-Defils.

  • The arrival

    Albert starts to work as a technician, helping to set up textile machinery for several companies.

  • Years later

    The dream of building a legacy in Mexico starts to come true when Eugenia Hug, his fiancée, travels from France to Mexico to marry him and start a family.

  • Albert and Eugenia

    Eugenia lands in the harbor of Veracruz where she spends one whole day sitting in her luggage, waiting to see the face of her future husband, Albert, who went through several difficulties to be able to welcome her.

  • The dream comes true

    Albert’s spirit and dedication allow him as the years went by, to become a partner of different companies.

  • 1920: La Alsaciana is born

    Albert’s first company, dedicated to fabric stamping, is founded in downtown Puebla. Since the age of 15, Alberto Lichtle Hug, son of Albert and Eugenia, starts working in La Alsaciana, where he learns the family business, the passion and empathy his father showed to clientes and suppliers.

Año 1952 1952

The new family makes Puebla their permanent residence.

By 1952, Alberto Lichtle Hug, who had become a true businessman, founds Textiles Marie Lou, company that produces yarns and fabric. Since then, Marie Lou has been a leader in the textile industry in Puebla, its high quality production and specialized service have maintained it as a favorite for fabric producers. In 1977 the production of polyester - cotton blend yarn began.

Año 1988 1988

Our family grows.

By 1988, there are already three generations working on developing the original dream of establishing themselves in Mexico with a business of their own. Alberto, Ricardo and Eduardo Lichtle Elizaga, inheriting the family tradition and adding their own fresh and modern vision, decide to transfer the company to a new Industrial Park.

The family group is positioned at the forefront of the industry with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, as well as a first-class service.

  • 1993

    Five years later, a new plant dedicated to the production of 100% cotton yarn is built: Textiles La Alsaciana, named after the first family business.

  • 1995

    Export policies allowed Textiles la Alsaciana and Textiles Marie Lou to supply yarn to Chile, Canada and the United States.

  • 1997

    The third family company, Textiles Óptima is founded exclusively for the production of 100% cotton yarns. In its early years, 80% of its production was sold in the United States.

Año 2006 2006

The fourth generation is consolidated.

The fourth generation ventures into the family business, continuing the legacy that Albert Lichtle Obriger brought from Alsace and built in Puebla.

In the year 2009, Defils enters the fabric business, buying machinery to produce high-quality flat knitted fabrics for the garment industry.

Año 2017 2017

Today, after more than 100 years of history, Defils is inspired by a new generation to continue our proud legacy.

We are a group of companies which, much like our own family, is strongly united. A dream that has been passed on from generation to generation and only grows stronger through time.

Our customers can be confident that the essence, quality and service offered by Marie Lou and La Alsaciana will only be multiplied under the Defils brand.