Committed to the quality of Defils yarns at each step of the production process.

Our products are valued for their standardization. Again and again we provide yarn that facilities the knitting of fabrics, backed by the technical service that characterizes us.

Distinguished by our
raw material that exceeds the industry standards.

100% of the cotton we consume is American, we also use White Optical Polyester, both with the best features for our products:

The yarns that produce market's
most loved fabrics.

Get to know some testimonials from clients who handle fabric produced with our range of yarns:

A product of the highest quality, our
weavers say the yarn is excellent.

— Mario

Marie Lou came highly recommended for its quality. After five years, they still maintain their excellent quality, both in their product and service.

— Jaime

We know their quality, their yarn works very well for our processes and there’s always a close communication.

— Emilio

Somos una empresa comprometida
con el medio ambiente.

All Defils processes reduce our environmental impact. Defils is committed to preserve the environment's natural balance.